Why Should I Experience a Wine Component Tasting?

Number 2 in a series by Peter di Lorenzi

A guided isolation-exaggeration-type wine component tasting allows participants to taste the sensory quality and mouth-location of each component isolated in water; then in exaggerated prominence in a glass of real wine with neutral qualities.

By doing this for each component within in a broader framework of grape growth and winemaking, a participant is able to:

•    Develop an understanding of WHY each component is present in the wine at the levels   perceived.

•    Develop a fuller understanding of the many processes at play in a glass of wine and to hone preferences.

•    Most importantly, develop a meaningful, comprehensible, sensory wine vocabulary.  This will be most helpful in ordering and discussing wines in restaurants and retail wine shops, and in discussing wines with friends and fellow wine enthusiasts.

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