What is a Wine Component Tasting?

This is the first in a series of posts about our October 11 fundraiser.

By Peter di Lorenzi

Our fund-raiser wine component tasting, ‘Savor’, is a rare opportunity for participants to experience key compounds interacting within a wine in an analytical and explanatory setting.

Our framework for the evening will be an interactive presentation/discussion of grape growth, winemaking, and wine aging.  At specific points in the discussion, we will taste the component relevant to the process being described.

Tasting a component involves tasting the component in water to isolate its sensory attributes;  then tasting a neutrally-styled control wine;  then tasting an exaggerated addition of the same component in that same wine to highlight and demonstrate how that component interacts with all the other flavor and sensory action that occurs in a glass of wine.

We will do this for seven major wine components throughout the discussion, and then, in the second part of the tasting we will taste contrasting unadulterated wines to  demonstrate the components and other variables in actual wines.

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