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Chelsea Community and Friends,
As you hopefully have heard, either from our announcements or from a friend or neighbor, Chelsea Community Kitchen will be the featured organization on May 10 by Whole Foods Market. We received word just a few days ago, that both of the Ann Arbor stores will recognize us for their Community Giving program. So please shop at 3135 Washtenaw Ave or 990 W. Eisenhower Parkway locations.

CCK is proud to be recognized by Whole Foods for having programs that benefit our community and their team members want to support. The Community Giving program, also known at “5% Days,” takes five percent of the designated days’ net sales and donates it to a nonprofit or educational organization that has been selected as one of the year’s community recipients. Quoting from their website, “Each of our stores has a lot of latitude in deciding the best way to operate that individual store to meet the needs of the local community. That makes community giving really special and fun.”

So why does Whole Foods do this?

Whole Foods‘ mission is to bring healthy wholesome foods to the communities where they are located, almost as a civic responsibility. But it goes beyond that. They are committed to contributing to the “better good” of people, community and the planet. One of the ways they accomplish this is to reach out to the community and provide support for causes that align with their core values. Two of their eight core values, are: to serve and support our local and global communities and to promote the health of our stakeholders through healthy eating education. “Our team members are part of the local community and they are passionate about supporting the local causes that are important to our shoppers and neighbors.”

The CCK has several programs that will benefit from this generous donation. Our youth programming, which began 4 years ago as a summer cooking camp for elementary children, has grown to include an after-school cooking and nutrition program and CCK will pilot a middle school summer camp this July. We hope to grow these programs into year-round offerings for a wider age range. CCK also provides healthy cooking and local food programs for seniors, low income, and other community members, often in partnerships with other community groups. And we seek to make people more aware of food issues with programs like the recent “Hungry for Change” series and last year’s “Growing Local” film screening.

So please consider supporting the CCK by shopping at the Whole Foods Market on May 10, 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., and make that day a great success for our organization and our community.

Debi Weiker, Board of Directors, Development Coordinator

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