Type of Use Fees
Kitchen Use (Counter & appliances: e.g. range, oven, dishwasher, mixer)


$70 for a 3 hour block + ¼ hour check-in/out time, $3 for additional time in ¼ hour increments


Use of additional space adjacent to the kitchen (no cooking or appliance use, tabletop use only) $3 per ¼ hour


→     The minimum kitchen rental fee is $70 for up to 3 hours of kitchen use plus ¼ hour to cover check-in/out procedures.

→     Rental time begins when the client enters the facility and ends when the client leaves after checking out.

→     Hours of use are PRE-PAY for the $70 minimum fee for up to 3 hours of use, and in ¼ increments beyond that, reserved with CCK Staff in advance for use expected, on a first reserved – first served basis. At this time, however, we only have limited availability.

→     In the event of equipment failure or facility issues that compromise production, credit for lost hours may be applied on a discretionary basis, provided the client reports the incident immediately.


Storage Rates (availability of storage in our facilities is limited)

Refrigerator Storage (when overnight storage is available)           $5 per day

Freezer Storage (when overnight storage is available)                  $5 per day

Dry Storage (for self-supplied, closed containers/totes)               $10 per month for 2 large containers/totes

Please note:   Storage space billing is PRE-PAY – with space to be reserved the first of each month.

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