Our Kitchens

Currently our availability is limited, as we have an agreement with only one local church to use the kitchen in their building:

Chelsea Community Kitchen @ Park Street, located in the Chelsea First United Methodist Church, 128 Park Street, Chelsea, MI 48118, is an all-purpose kitchen with commercial-grade equipment including a gas range, convection ovens and dishwasher.  During the time a client is using the kitchen, there is some refrigerated storage available.  No longer-term storage of product is available.

We are looking for possibilities to expand our network of non-profit kitchens to provide greater availability and flexibility in days and hours of operation.  If you have suggestions, please send us an email at chelseacommunitykitchen@gmail.com.

Also, we have information about for-profit kitchens within an hour’s drive of Chelsea which may have time available for rent.  Just email us with your request.


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