Hear Joel Salatin owner of Polyface Inc. a cutting edge, sustainable farm

Here’s the information via the People’s Food Co-op of Ann Arbor:

“Local Food to the Rescue” a talk by Joel Salatin
Michigan Theater
Ann Arbor, MI
Tue, Apr 24, 2012 08:00 PM
Tickets $15 at the People’s Food Co-op or through Ticketmaster.com

Joel Salatin’s “beyond organic” small-scale family farm was featured in Michael Pollian’s bestselling book, The Omnivore’s Dilemma, and in the documentary films Food, Inc. and Fresh.  He is inspiring people throughout the world. His charismatic nature and ability to produce provocative and poignant proclamations about the unfortunate state of our food system have made him one of the most influential voices in the sustainable food movement today. Salatin operates his farm with the idea that nature is the best teacher when it comes to agriculture. This talk, delivered in Salatin’s refreshing style, will focus on the solutions to the ills he observes in our food system. He’ll share how his farm serves as a prototype to the way local food can lead to our agricultural, environmental, and nutritional salvation. Noting that our food system now faces challenges in biosecurity, food safety, energy integrity, and humane animal husbandry, he will explain how local production, processing and distribution, and those who support local food can reshape our food future. Presented by The Peoples Food Co-op of Ann Arbor.

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