Food Safety Classes (ServSafe®)

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Are you a beginning food entrepreneur looking for a class that
will certify you as a Food Protection Manager?

Chelsea Community Kitchen (CCK) periodically offers a ServSafe® FOOD MANAGER CERTIFICATION CLASS.

Our next class will be Monday, September 17, 9 am – 5 pm at the Chelsea First United Methodist Church, 128 Park St. REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED.

This is an eight hour self‐study review class that helps you fulfill the Michigan Food Law requirement to have a manager certified in food safety in each food service establishment. Participants must read and study the book prior to class, then do a 7 hour review of key materials prior to taking national certification test.

Fee: $140. includes the cost of study materials and a ServSafe® book (a valuable reference for you after the class as you apply for your license), and the test.
Register three weeks prior to class to receive book and instructions for self-­‐study.

Email to register or see below for Paypal payment details.

If you need recertification, contact us and we will provide details for participating in this class at a recertification level (you will not need to attend the entire class).


ServSafe® FOOD HANDLER TRAINING is also available for workers who need food safety training who are not managers. Our next class is TBD, at the First United Methodist Church at 128 Park St in Chelsea MI.

Four hour class that provides basic food safety guidance and techniques, often required by food establishments for all employees. Optional additional one hour commercial kitchen tour to highlight equipment use and issues.

Fee: $20. Includes reference book and test. Email or see payment details below to register.

Classes are also offered upon request and can be taught on site for your business or organization.

In addition, you can find the schedule for ServSafe® classes being offered by MSU Extension in Washtenaw County at this link:

CCK offers a self-study review class twice each year. This class requires obtaining the book (part of fee) and reading book to complete pretests. The one day class reviews key topics before taking the national certification test. We chose Monday for the 8 hour class to accommodate restaurant staff.

We can also arrange tutorials, and proctoring of tests for those who choose to take ServSafe’s online course.  Contact us for information about fees.

Please email us at to let us know of your interest in taking a ServSafe® class.  

NOTE: We will get the ServSafe® book to you 2 weeks before the class so you can read the book and do the pretests. To do this we need to order books and tests in advance. So, your enrollment fee is due three weeks before the class.

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