Chelsea Update Focus on Nonprofits: Chelsea Community Kitchen

By Lisa Carolin

(Chelsea Update is running a series on businesses in Chelsea beginning with businesses that belong to the Chelsea Area Chamber of Commerce.)

Chelsea Community Kitchen(CCK) was founded in 2009 with the mission to “educate, inform, and support members of our regional community to create a healthy, local, and sustainable food culture.”

It is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

CCK is active in three major areas: Educating consumers about eating local and healthy is the first.

“We provide classes for youth in our after school and summer cooking camps, and workshops for adults looking to develop food knowledge and cooking techniques,” said Stephanie Willette, program and administrative coordinator. “We provide access to education and counseling support for people who want to start or grow a food-based business, such as ServSafe Managers courses, and connect food entrepreneurs, educators and local food enthusiasts with kitchens they can rent,” she said.

Chelsea Area Chamber of Commerce logoCCK is looking for volunteers as well as board members, and anyone interested can learn more about doing so as well as events at the website.

“Chelsea has an incredible community that is supportive of local food, and eager to share and gain knowledge about our common resources,” said Willette. “So many people are actively involved in building health lifestyles and we love being a part of that process.”

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