Chelsea Food Preserve

An idea of creating a fully equipped self-serve food processing facility is being proposed by local business owner Von Miller.

This facility would be a place where people from the community can bring produce from their personal gardens, local farms, or farmer’s markets to be canned, preserved, dehydrated or fermented for their own personal use; as well as a place equipped to self-butcher and process deer, small game or domestic farm animals for their own personal use.

The purpose of this idea is to encourage a healthy lifestyle of eating locally produced food by providing a facility with shared access to a wide variety of food processing and preserving equipment that may be too cost prohibitive or uneconomical for individuals to purchase for their own limited personal use; as well as a venue for food related education, training, mentoring and fellowship.

Von is working with the MSU Product Design Center and needs community help.  Please respond to a survey to help determine if there is enough community interest in this type of facility.  You can find the survey by clicking here.

To get updates about this project, go to the Facebook page and click “Like.”

Also, get more info by downloading this pdf.

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